LGFA Development Academies

LGFA Development Academies

                                    ’The LGFA Player Development Programme’

What are LGFA Developments Academies?

In a nutshell, Development Academies should assist with the overall development of Ladies Gaelic Football within a County. Better players will lead to stronger clubs which in turn will develop the County as a whole.

Development Academies should be:

  • An Inclusive programme for all players, focusing on a wide range of abilities
  • An opportunity for players to be exposed to training at a higher standard
  • An opportunity for all Counties to enhance their process of player development and talent identification
  • Promotion of a non-competitive enjoyable environment prioritising the involvement of all players


LGFA Development Academy Pathway:



LGFA Development Academy Ethos:

All Counties participating in the Leinster Development Days must agree to abide by the terms below at all times.

  • The focus of the LGFA Development Academy Programme is player development & participation and should be an inclusive programme for all players, focusing on a wide range of abilities. There should be a positive coaching environment prioritising the involvement of all players and focusing on developing skill.
  • Every club should be represented where possible and there should be no trials.
  • Counties can organise internal blitzes during the development academy programme to give all players plenty of opportunity to play. Every player who has attended the set minimum number of sessions (70% U13, 60% U15, 50% U13) should be given opportunity to participate and play in any Cluster Blitzes and Development Days. There should be no culling of players for panels prior to the blitz day; Counties should enter multiple teams of even ability on the day.
  • Counties should focus on player performance (development of the player) NOT the result (winning the games) at the Cluster Blitz and Provincial Development Day and should give all players adequate playing time.
  • The focus of the Provincial Development Days will be player development and maximum participation. The format may include skills challenges, small sided games and conditioned games which must be communicated to all players and parents.
  • Counties must ensure all players and parents are aware of the ethos of the Development Academy.

Counties can run a minimum of 6 Contact sessions (max. 1 session per week) prior to Leinster U13/U15 Development Day with a maximum of 10 Contact sessions in total inclusive of Internal and Cluster Blitzes and Provincial Development Day. These can run concurrently or spread out over a period of time. 


What to expect from Leinster Development Days?

In order to achieve the objectives outlined above, the format of the day may include skills challenges, small sided games, mixed teams and conditioned games. The exact format of the day will be confirmed two weeks prior and will be dependent on the number of Counties/teams entered.


Traditional 15-a-side competitive games on full sized pitches naturally emphasise the overall team performance (i.e. winning) over the experience of individual players which can result in an over-emphasis on the strongest players on the day and the likelihood of other players having lower levels of participation and/or negative experiences. In recognition that underage players are at different stages of development, the Development Academy Programme aims to provide an opportunity for Counties to offer a programme to support the development of a larger number of players with a structure that ensures the emphasis is on all players, not just the strongest at the current moment in time. The Leinster Development Days will be structured to help facilitate the development and participation of all players, the focus will be on skill development, maximum participation and the enjoyment of playing.

LGFA Development Academy Dates:

Leinster U13 Development Day 

Leinster U15 Development Blitz 

LGFA U17 Development Blitz 


For more information, please contact Stephen Maxwell, Leinster Games Development Officer gdo.leinster@lgfa.ie / 087 768 1288