The LGFA TY programme will prepare students for “eventual roles as players, coaches, and administrators in the future”. The association is committed to “building leadership, team work and networking skills” into the TY programme. 

It is reflective of many of the aims of the TY Curriculum and through it the students will gain lifelong skills transferable to many aspects of academic and social situations both inside and outside the school. 

Aims of the LGFA TY/AS programme: 

Upon completion of the LGFA TY/AS Programme students will have:

  • Developed personal skills particularly in the areas of coaching and refereeing of Ladies football.
  • Created links with key partners in the community during the event planning module, therefore preparing them for their role as responsible members of society.

Benefits of LGFA TY/AS Programme to the School: 

  • Provision of a TY programme that develops more than just sporting skills but also develops planning, team work and leadership qualities.
  • This programme provides an opportunity for the school to forge strong sustainable links with the local Primary schools and LGFA clubs in the area. 
  • Through the programme the students will receive training in event management that can be utilised by the school for other programmes: eg Sports day, awards ceremonies, open days etc.

Benefits of LGFA/AS Programme to the Students: 

  • Each student who completes the 2 day programme will receive an LGFA TY Certificate.
  • The student will be provided with basic training in the areas of coaching, refereeing, and event management
  • Students will be qualified to officiate at Go Games Level in LGFA, the first step in the LGFA refereeing pathway.

Cost of the Programme:

  • The cost of this programme is €10 per student.

Numbers per Programme:

  • A minimum number of 12 students and the maximum of 20 apply for this programme, boys and girls.
  • The Tutor is under no obligation to deliver Day 1 of the course unless the minimum number is in attendance

To apply for the Programme:

  • Download and return the booking form below to gdo.leinster@lgfa.ie or post to Leinster LGFA GDO, Aras Laighean, Portlaoise, Co. Laois
  • Please include preferred date for Day 1 on the booking form.

For further information or to book a TY Programme for your school please contact Stephen Maxwell, Leinster GDO at gdo.leinster@lgfa.ie / 087 768 1288

LGFA TY programme Booking Form 2019.docx

LGFA TY programme information sheet 2019.docx