How do I become a Ladies Gaelic Football Referee?

If you wish to become a Ladies Gaelic Football Referee and you have no refereeing experience you  can complete our ‘Grab  Your Whistle’ Go Games or a ‘Grab Your Whistle’ Level 1 course.  These courses are aimed at new referees and will provide the basics of refereeing to allow the referee to begin officating underage games within their County.

The best method to progress through the Referee Pathway is based on experience and continuous attendance at Referee Seminars and Workshops.

To find out about Referee Courses being run in your County, contact your County Development Officer (or Secretary)


How do I become a Provincial Referee?

If you are a minimum of 21 years old and have at least 4 years experience refereeing ladies football you can apply for the Provincial Accelerate Programme. The Provincial Accelerate programme is run every other year and involves attending four modules and a series of rules, fitness and match assessments. To find out more about the Accelerate Programme and when the next one is running, contact Leinster Games Development Officer or 087 7681 288.


How do I become a National Referee?

You can become a National referee through full completion of the National Acceleration Programme. As a National Referee you will be required to attend National Seminars and ongoing training workshops. Information about upcoming National Accelerate Programmes can be found on the LGFA website.

What does each Level entail?

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How do I become a Referee Assessor?

Becoming an LGFA Referee Assessor will put you in a key role in the development of our referees by providing valuable feedback and guidance to referees on the Leinster Panel. The assessor’s role involves attending matches and observing a referee’s performance, offering advice after the game and producing a typed report for Leinster LGFA. 

The minimum requirements are:

  • A minimum of 5 years experience within the Gaelic Games Code


  • Experience of mentoring/assessment of adults in recognised NGB’s/organisations

Applicants should have full knowledge of the rules of Ladies Gaelic Football and the application of these rules, and an up to date knowledge of the LGFA referee pathways and qualifications.

They must be available to conduct assessments midweek and mainly at the weekends, and have good IT skills to complete typed assessments and review video clips where necessary. 

Our Referee Assessors play a major role within our Association in conducting assessments to ensure standards are increased and support is provided to referees on the Leinster Referee Panel. Referee Assessing is a very rewarding experience and provides personnel with the opportunity to influence and shape so many of our current referees which in turn raise standards of refereeing at all levels. The feedback provided through assessments allows referees to continue to progress and reach their own goals and targets. For more information on the role and how to apply, please contact Suzi Doyle, Leinster LGFA Games Development Officer at or 087 768 1288. 

To find out more about Refereeing opportunities in Leinster contact Leinster Games Development Officer or 087 7681 288.