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Development Grant

A Chara,


A grant scheme has been set up by the Leinster Ladies Gaelic Football Association to encourage counties to organise and deliver coaching and refereeing courses within the county. Through this scheme it is possible for counties to apply for the refund of the booking fee/deposit for coaching and referee courses provided the required minimum number of participants for each course is met and the course is delivered in its entirety. 


To apply for this grant for a coaching or refereeing course held in your county, please complete this application form and return it to Linda Monaghan Leinster Development Officer within 21 days of the course having been completed. The information provided on the completed grant form will be checked with tutors and the National Coaching Officer.  


If you have any further questions or a copy of the Development Grant Application please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Click on link to download the application form - 2016 Course grant Application form.docx


Kind regards,


Linda Monaghan


Leinster Ladies Games Development Officer